Kody Krypton Exodus Addon Install

Kody Krypton Exodus Addon Install

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to install the Exodus addon on Kodi Krypton the easy way.


Today we’re going to be looking at and installing Exodus onto Kodi version 17 okay today we’re looking at Exodus and it’s on Kodi version 17 on since my last video I’ve had several people contact me and ask me how do you install Exodus on to this newest version of Kodi. They like the look of this new kodi Krypton¬†and they want to install Exodus but the layout of kodiis a little bit different so I’m today we’re going to be looking at exit is first and then I’ll show you how to install it but first let’s give it a look here and once you go into it it it looks like Exodus was built for this newest version of Kodi it looks really nice in here nice and Slick everything works smoothly and look smooth just click into one of these are put into TV shows and we’ll go into the most popular and find a TV show I mean the whole look of Kodi version 17 is different and you can see that this add-on looks like it was just made for this version of Kodi.

Exodus repo

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